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           Company incorporatcs design,manufacture and sales in respect of various presure gauges.It is the production base of special gauges. Main products cover anti-vibration pressuregauge,anti-vibration&corrosion/magnetic-assistance electric-contact pressure gauge,sensing electric-contact pressure gauge,stainless steel prossure gauge,ammonia pressure gauge,bellows pressure gauge,diaphragm pressure gauge,membrane presure gauge,sanitary-type membrane pressure gauge,potentiometer-type teletransmission pressure gauge,differential pressure gauge and stainless steel/electric-contact double-metal thermometer. Our main products are classified into more 20 series and provide thousands of types. They are widely used in common chemicals and pharmaceutical industry,petroleum& chemical industry,fertilizer industry,light industry,food machinery,hydraulic machinery,metallurgy and mining industry,railways and bridges.Product quality and sales service win great appraisals and trusts from our customers.
           Our staff comprises of senior gauge emgineers and professional technicians.Advanced production process and machines are adopted.In our company ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System is strictly followed.We always strive to invent latest special pressure gauge.Our aim is to satisfy kinds of customers'demands.It is worth to mention that our stainless steel anti-corrosion pressure gauge series save foreign currency and deduce cost for entcrprises in the chemical industry and pereolem industry.
             Our company respects quality and keeps credit.We sinccrely offer careful service to our customers.We hope for extrnsive exchange and communication with counterparts home an abroad.Please cooperate with us closely for mitual development!

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