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YXG series sensing electric-contact pressure gauge

¡¡¡¡The gauge features: resistance to environmental vibrations and withstanding pulsation of medium and loading¡¯s striking. The instrument displays clearly and stably, sends reliable signals. This gauge is suitable for measuring pressure of gases, liquids not corroding the copper and alloy of copper. Except indicator function, it has equipped with a maximum and minimum variable signal control.
¡¡¡¡The gauge adopts photoelectrical sensor. Constitute contact less signal convertible equipment. Signal first is through control electric circuit, and then is outputted by high sensibility relay. So the instrument¡¯s sensibility is very high, responds quickly and control¡¯s precision is high. It has no laggardly leap phenomena.
¡¡¡¡Under low voltage working, normal contact equipment immerses into damping liquid, its contact adheres to oil membrane, that is increasing resistance, can¡¯t make contact function effectively, and high current makes burning down serious. Because of adapting photo electricity contact less electric contact signal convert, and no electric arc, and no contact corrosion phenomena, the instrument has a long life. Switch features are good: under 24V operational voltage, it still can operational reliable and safely.
¡¡¡¡This type gauge has patented a practical use new pattern technology, patent number: 99229277.8. The gauge can be suitable for special environment, various kinds operational conditions.
¡¡¡¡It was widely utilized in petrol, chemical, mechanic, metallurgy, nuclear energy technology and frequent switch technological process.
Serial code:


Scale range
(-0.1¡«0.15£¬? -0.1¡«0.3£¬ -0.1¡«0.5£¬ -0.1¡«0.9£¬
-0.1¡«1.5£¬ -0.1¡«2.4)
Accuracy ¡À 1.6%
Operational temperature -15¡æ¡«55¡æ
Operational maximum content 1/2¡«2/3
Resistant operational environmental vibration V.H.4
Safeguarding grade IP64
Operational voltage DC9V
Outputting lineresistance <120¦¸
Controller Outputting contact loading The maximum voltage of switch AC 250V DC 220V
The maximum operational current 1A
The maximum control-content 30VA
Electric life 105
Operational condition Voltage AC220V DC12¡«24V
Power 2.2VA
Environmental temperature -10¡æ¡«40¡æ
Relative humidity 10%¡«75%

Design£º Q/320211 DGH06-2003

Indicative instrument dimension£º

Model Dimension mm
D1 D2 L2 L1 H d d0 M
YXD-100ZQ 100 98 23 78 38 118 5.5 20¡Á1.5
YXD-100Z 100 98 28.5 78 38 /¡¡ /¡¡ 20¡Á1.5
YXD-100 100 98 28.5 78 38 /¡¡ /¡¡ 20¡Á1.5
YXD-150 150 161 35 90 42 / / 20¡Á1.5

The best connecting line of indicative instrument and controller is 7¡Á0.1-5 cable line ( external diameter ¦µ5 )
Contact¡¯s switch mode£º

Indicative instrument¡¯s established mode Controller equivalent
Contact¡¯s switch mode Diagram Connecting schematic diagram Specification
The maximum and minimum content walking up:
When exceeding established value, the lower limit is cut¡úthe upper limit put through
Walking down:
When exceeding established value, the upper limit is cut¡úthe lower limit put through
The double maximum content Walking up:
When exceeding established value, the first upper limit is put through ¡ú the second upper limit is put through again.
Walking down:
When exceeding established value, the second upper limit cut¡úthe first upper limit cut next.
The double minimum content Walking down:
When exceeding established value, the first lower limit is put through¡ú the second lower limit is put through next
Walking up:
When exceeding established value, the second lower limit is cut ¡ú the first lower limit is cut next.

Connecting schematic example£º
¡¡¡¡When pressure is under the lower limit¡¯s value, J3 is supplied electric, the main engine operates. When pressure is up the upper limit¡¯s value, J3 isn¡¯t supplied electric, the main engine halt to operate. When pressure is dropped to the lower limit¡¯s value, J3 is supplied electric again, the main engine operate.
U allows DC12-24V, YXD-100D style
AC220V, YXD-100A style
The upper and lower connecting schematic diagram example

Operational environment should not contain any corrosive gas.
After connecting and installing, please shear the jut of rubber stopper on the instrument shell, equate the pressure inside the instrument cavity with the atmosphere, in order to assure the gauge¡¯s accuracy.
When ordering, please specify name, model, scale range, operational voltage.
Please make separate specify corrosive environment and corrosive medium.
When operational power is 24VDC, please use safety power or supply power separately, don¡¯t use the 24VDC power with output inductance load.

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